We share in your disappointment that the impacts of COVID-19 are still affecting us all, and in such a profound way. It is clear that the fight against COVID is not yet over. Please stay safe, stay healthy, practice self-care, and support one another. We are in this together!  

UCEAP-Reciprocity Team 

Your Frequently Asked Questions Fall 2021

Congratulations!  More details about next steps will be sent to you.

In the meantime, here's what you can do: 


View your placement by logging in and selecting the “MyUC” tile in your dashboard. You must click on "Details" to see your host UC campus placement information, notes about your application, and any requests for missing items.

If your application is "pending", it is awaiting approval of participation by a host UC campus or information / documentation is still needed. Submit any requested missing information as soon as possible so as not to delay consideration of your application.

View your placement by logging in and selecting the “MyUC” tile in your dashboard. You must click on "Details" to see your host UC campus placement information, notes about your application, and any requests for missing items.

Log in to your account and select the “MyUC” tile on your dashboard to review the “Notes” and “Additional notes” sections.

Upload any missing documentation using the "Upload Documentation" tile in your dashboard. 

We are constantly receiving missing documents from applicants, so it is not possible to note the receipt of each document the moment it is uploaded. We will let you know if we require additional information. 

For general information, checkout the UC timeline and calendar.

Enrollment instructions, including your student ID number and your enrollment time appointments will be sent to you as soon as they become available.

For information about enrollment, housing, orientation, health insurance and more, see your UC host campus instructions.


If you are unable to enroll through the online registration system, it may be because permission of the instructor is required, or the system does not have access to your educational history and cannot determine if you are qualified to enroll in the course.

Complete and e-mail the Prerequisite Clearance Request form to the departmental advisor/instructor to demonstrate that you met the course prerequisites, and request permission to enroll.
Some courses are limited to a certain category of students (i.e., graduate-level students, students in the major, “by audition” only, students who have completed an earlier segment of a series of courses, students enrolled in special certificate programs, etc.), and it may be necessary to select alternative courses.

Due to space limitations, it is not possible to place all students at their first choice UC. Your placement at a UC other than your first choice does not infer any negative judgment of your academic ability. We take very seriously your need to make progress toward your degree objectives while studying abroad and have placed your application at a UC campus that offers coursework in your area of interest.

We are confident that your studies at UC will be an amazing experience and look forward to seeing you in California!

As a J-1 student, you are part of the US Exchange Visitor Program which promotes learning and understanding between people of the United States and other countries through cultural exchange. As part of your exchange, you are required to complete an orientation for international students.

The orientation will position you for success in your studies and jump start your UC experience!

Sign your acceptance letter as soon as it appears.  The letter confirms the no-fee/non-degree reciprocity student terms and conditions of your participation and how long you intend to study at UC.  Both are an important first step in the issue of your DS-2019, and you will need the letter for your visa application. 

There is no UCEAP financial penalty if your plans change after you have signed the acceptance letter. Check with your home university to receive advise about any financial consequence of changes or withdrawal. 

See also "How do I withdraw from the exchange?" below for more information about possible housing and travel costs.

Any changes in the duration of your exchange studies - making it shorter or longer - must be approved by your home university international office, your host UC department, and UCEAP. Contact your home university and UCEAP as early as possible with your request.

UC housing/UC affiliated housing

Due to potential COVID related modifications to the assignment process, UC is not in a position to guarantee housing to any students.

UCEAP will send you information as soon as we know more. 

Non-UC housing

Do not enter into any non-UC housing agreements until you are certain to be able to attend UC in-person.  Any contracts that you sign will be legally binding and you will likely be responsible for paying for a room or apartment even if you cannot live there.

We strongly urge you to purchase airline tickets AFTER you have obtained your visa and confirmed travel conditions to the US from your home country.  When you do purchase a ticket, purchase a refundable/changeable ticket.

Plan to arrive in the US no more than 30 days prior to the program start date on your DS-2019 and in time to attend your host UC orientation program.

Check the calendar and plan any leisure travel for AFTER your study abroad or during holiday breaks.  This will give you sufficient time to secure your visa and your housing prior to your expected arrival.

You must arrange your schedule to be available in time for your orienation and the first day of instruction.  If you have a calendar conflict, ask your home university if you are eligible to take home university exams early or remotely. 

Contact UCEAP and your home university international office as soon as possible. We will inform your host UC campus of your withdrawal but you are responsible for canceling any travel and housing arrangements. Contact your housing provider directly about your decision and confirm any financial obligations outlined in your contract.