Study abroad requires some financial planning and costs may differ from those in your home country. Please consider the following costs.

English Language Test $200 approx. fee varies by location
Visa Application $160 + any applicable reciprocity fees
SEVIS Fee $220
Orientation Fee $20-$320
Document Fee $65
Technologies Fees $35-$60
Materials Fees (labs, supplies, etc.) Varies depending on the course requirements
Books and Supplies $1,300
Personal/Transportation $2,500
Airfare/Ground Transportation Varies depending on your location

All costs are estimates only and subject to change (Source UC Admissions 2022-23 estimates).

California's temperate year-round climate, beaches, and wide variety of outdoor and cultural activities make it a desirable place to live. Housing tends to be the greatest expense for both California residents and visitors. The cost of living in urban and coastal areas is usually higher than other locations.

Host UC Living (Room and Meals) Health Insurance Total
Berkeley $15,638 $3,536 $19,174
Davis $11,050 $2,721 $13,771
Irvine $14,043 $1,918 $15,961
Los Angeles $15,241 $2,606 $17,847
Merced $ 8,650 $2,402 $11,052
Riverside $11,495 $1,822 $13,317
San Diego $13,749 $2,076 $15,825
Santa Barbara $13,188 $3,453 $16,641
Santa Cruz $14,453 $2,919 $17,372
Average $13,419 $2,620 $16,039

Cost are for undergraduates attending a full academic year (Source UC Systemwide Budgets 2021-22).

Actual costs will depend on your housing and lifestyle choices, including activities such as travel. Part-time, on-campus employment is permitted and is a good way to earn extra money, learn new skills and meet people. However, a part-time job would not be sufficient to pay your living expenses. Ask your home university about financial support options.