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Academic Experience

The University of California is the top-tier public research university in California. The focus on research, discovery and innovation means that your instructors and peers are in touch with topics applicable in the real world.

Your study abroad experience at UC is not a program for international students. You will study in English, complete the same work as UC students and have access to UC’s library system, and research network including the California Digital Library.

How do past students describe the UC experience?

  • Intense - Most UC campuses have a quarter system with a  10-week term.
  • Challenging - Your grade will not usually be based on a final examination alone. You will also experience one or more mid-term examinations. Other work could include homework, papers and/or lab work, collaborative learning and a grade for attendance.
  • Personal - Your instructors will have office hours when you can meet with them with questions. Large lecture classes will usually have breakout sections where students meet under the guidance of a graduate student.
  • Inspiring - You can choose courses in your major but also in other departments if you meet the course requirements and there is space in class. Take advantage of this time to take a course that is not available to you at home.
  • Real-life Training - You can extend to a period of academic training where you gain practical experience related to your major.
  • Life Changing - On a personal level, study abroad cultivates a range of skills that will last a lifetime: language skills, confidence, problem solving, initiative and leadership, cultural adaptability, and appreciation of diversity.