Explore UC Courses

Every UC campus provides a challenging, meaningful and transformative experience. Assignment to a campus begins with your exploration.

What's your major? You will hear this question a lot. Your major is the subject area where you will spend the majority of your time studying. Although you will not earn a UC degree, you must select a major for your application. Your UC major might be different from your home university area of study, but it should reflect your primary academic interests while on exchange.

Explore courses that meet your academic needs and open doors to new areas of interest. Plan to enroll in two or three courses in your major department each term, with the remainder of your classes in other academic subject areas. Attend courses in other major departments if you meet the course prerequisites and space is available in the course.

Choose a discipline and a major department

Majors are listed under the discipline with which they are most often associated. Some majors that have restricted enrollment are not open to reciprocity students and will not appear in your search. View a listing of majors grouped by discipline and by campus.

Research a minimum of three campuses for your application.