FAQ for spring 2020 students

  • Remain compliant with the J-1 program requirements through the end date on your DS-2019.
  • Maintain a minimum enrollment of 12 units at the host UC. Students who remain on a visa in the US, must enroll in 12 units.
  • Enroll in SHIP or receive SHIP waiver
  • Enroll in the number of units required by your home university. The US immigration requirement of 12 units enrollment would no longer apply. Check with your home university to determine your required workload.  
  • Enroll in 12 units to maintain your J-1 status if you would like to keep open the option of pursuing a period of academic training after spring 2020. Contact our host UC International Students Office for advising.
  • Enroll in SHIP or receive SHIP waiver.

If you plan to take UC online courses to receive a UC transcript for your work, do NOT withdraw from the Exchange. You can be a UC student no matter where you are, but you need to make sure that we know your plans so that we can keep your UC enrollment active. will take UC classes online. Do I need to withdraw from UC and UCEAP? 

No. To access spring 2020 online courses at UC you must be enrolled. There is no provision for informal auditing of courses or access to online material if you are not an enrolled student through UCEAP.

If you are returning home and no longer want to take UC online courses for credit, complete and return the withdrawal form to UCEAP directly. UC offices are currently closed so you do not need to obtain campus signatures on the form. UCEAP will advise your host UC of your decision.

If you have UC housing, check with the housing office at your host UC about the process for leaving.  If you have off-campus housing, check with your housing provider to make sure that you understand the requirements and your financial obligations.

Maybe. All students taking UC courses must document enrollment in insurance coverage that meets the UC SHIP waiver requirements. UC campuses understand that you may be living in a different place and welcome your submission of a waiver request based on your new living situation and policy information. UC spring-quarter campus students should check the webpages the host UC for extended waiver deadlines and contact insurance staff directly if you have questions.
For semester campuses UCB and UCM where the spring term has already begun, SHIP will continue to provide for your health insurance needs.

Yes. At the end of your UCEAP program, we will send a transcript to your home university that shows all the work that you completed while at UC.

Follow the instructions that you receive from your host UC and respond to any address request you receive. Each UC may have a different way for you to provide address information to meet any address requirements either through update of your student profile or directly with the international students and scholars’ office. 

We advise you to consider your overall plans and consult with your home university before you update your UC plans.  We ask that you advise UCEAP of your final decision the week before the spring term final exams at your host UC.  Remember to check with your home university about their deadlines for making changes to your study abroad plans.

Instructors will be using a variety of platforms to deliver online learning.  We recommend that you contact your instructor to confirm you have the appropriate tools to access the class and that conditions will allow you to enroll/remain enrolled in the class.

Remote instruction has just begun so this is a frustrating time with all struggling with new technology.  
Here are a few suggestions:

  • Be flexible and patient since instruction could change/evolve.   
  • Investigate enrollment in alternative courses that are more appropriate for a student in an different time zone.
  • Review the number of units obtained so far this year to determine the minimum number of units required for so you can focus on the courses you must take. If you are no longer in the US and need to take below 12 units, contact your host UC international students' office for advice.
  • Enroll in a combination of UC and home university courses.  
  • Contact the instructor so that they understand your challenges.  It may take time for instructors to respond or there may not be a response due to volume of messages,but reaching out will highlight the issues you are facing and can promote change.

Due to the disruptions caused by COVID-19, UC campuses have modified their P/NP policies.  Check with your host UC campus college/school for grade option process changes and extended deadlines.  

Before you change your grading option, check with your home university to confirm which choice is right for you.

If you are unable to secure a flight due to COVID-19 travel restrictions, please notify your host UC international students office for advice. 

Yes, if you were enrolled in SHIP spring term, your health insurance will continue through the summer.