Fall 2021

It is clear that the fight against COVID is not yet over. Please stay safe, stay healthy, practice self-care, and support one another. We are in this together! 

UCEAP-Reciprocity Team 

In January, the University of California announced plans to return to in-person instruction for fall 2021.  

  • Each UC will implement instruction as campus facilities and local health conditions allow with the goal of providing as much in-person instruction as possible.  The home page of your host UC has a link to COVID-19 campus planning.  Check it often for updates and campus news.
  • Instruction could include a range of options:  in-person instruction, hybrid (in-person/remote) instruction, or fully remote instruction (for example, courses with greater than 100-150 students could be fully online)
  • Campuses publish the fall courses offerings including days, times, and mode of instruction in the schedule of classes May-June but may need to update the mode of instruction during the summer. Check the schedule of classes frequently for updates.
  • UC cannot guarantee that it will be possible for you to follow a fully in-person or fully online enrollment in the fall. Further synchronous/asynchronous delivery of any remote instructions determined by the instructor so there is no guarantee that a remotely taught course will be offered at a time that is convenient for students in another time zone. 
  • You should anticipate that pre-term orientations will be online and instruction for all classes the first week of the term (to be determined by your host UC) may be online prior to transition to in-person. 
  • Students studying in the U.S. on the J-1 visa must enroll in a minimum of one in-person course.

Instructors will be using a variety of platforms to deliver class online.  We recommend that you contact your instructor to confirm you have the appropriate tools to access the class and that conditions will allow you to enroll in the class.

Here are a few suggestions:

  • Investigate enrollment in courses that are offered at a time that works for you.  
  • Contact the instructor so that they understand your challenges.  It may take time for instructors to respond or there may not be a response due to volume of messages but reaching out will highlight the issues you are facing and can promote change.
  • Be flexible and patient since instruction could change/evolve.  

UC cannot guarantee that it will be possible for you to follow a fully in-person or fully online enrollment in the fall.

Contact your home university international office and UCEAP if you are not able to come to the US.

No. To access courses at UC you must be enrolled. There is no provision for informal auditing of courses or access to course materials if you are not an enrolled student through UCEAP.

All students at UC are required to have health insurance and are automatically enrolled in theUC campus plan. The cost of insurance is applied to your student billing account. Insurance coverage and costs vary by campus. 

To be covered under a plan other than the UC campus plan, you must request a waiver (exemption) from the requirement within the announced deadlines. Review your host UC campus requirements to ensure that your insurance from home meets all waiver criteria. A campus-specific waiver request along with proof of enrollment in the alternative insurance plan must be submitted for review to the campus by the posted deadline.

Waiver is not automatic: Do not assume that a waiver will be approved. Purchase of the UC insurance plan is a UC requirement. Budget for this expense.

See the campus specific instructions for your host UC for more information.

Maybe. All students taking UC courses must document enrollment in insurance coverage that meets the UC SHIP waiver requirements. UC campuses understand that you may be living in a different place and welcome your submission of a waiver request based on your new living situation and policy information. Check your host UC webpages for waiver deadlines and contact insurance staff directly if you have questions.

Follow the instructions that you receive from your host UC and respond to any address request you receive. Each UC may have a different way for you to provide address information to meet any address requirements either through update of your student profile in the campus information system or directly with the international students and scholars’ office. 

Yes. At the end of your UCEAP program, we will send a transcript to your home university that shows all the work that you completed while at UC.

We are here to help.  Contact your home university international office and UCEAP for advice.  Let us know your full name, home university and host UC so that we can more quickly respond to your request.