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August/September Deadline: February 1
January Deadline: August 1

Register for an Account

Create your account to apply for the exchange. If you experience technical difficulties, contact the ReciprocityHelpDesk.

Complete The Application

Create your UCEAP application. If you cannot complete the entire application in one sitting, save your information before exiting the website and complete the application later.

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Prepare a study plan for three selected UC campuses

Your study plans will help us to find the best campus for you.

Use the study plan form as a practice worksheet to record your UC course selections. The form will help you organize the required course information you need to provide in your application.

  • Plan to take no more than two courses in your major
    • UC major courses are intense. Most UC students enroll in 14-17 units per term, a combination of major and general education course units. You are not limited to selecting courses in your major. You may enroll in courses in other majors, if you meet course prerequisites and space in class is available.
  • Prepare to enroll in alternative courses
    • Enrollment in specific courses is not guaranteed. A particular course may not be available to an applicant in any given term or may not be offered during your UC exchange. Select an alternative course for every course you initially choose.
  • Know your home university requirements
    • If you must complete specific coursework during the exchange period, consult with your home university academic advisor before applying to UC.
  • Maximize your options
    • The longer your proposed exchange period, the more likely it is that you would be able to enroll in the courses you select. Courses that are sequential may only be offered once per academic year. 

Course Load and Minimum Unit Requirements

Full-time enrollment (12-13 units each term) is required of both US and non-US citizens. If English is your second language, consider limiting your first-term enrollment to the minimum number of units required.

How to Select Courses

The course catalog provides a brief description of all courses that have been offered in the past. Not all courses are offered each term. The schedule of classes will list the courses offered during the previous or current year.

This sample course description shows the various components: course number, course suffix (or prefix), course title, number of course units, type of course and course prerequisites.

  • Lower-division courses numbered 1–99 are introductory.
  • Upper-division courses numbered 100–199 are usually taken by students with some experience in the major. You must have completed the prerequisites or their equivalent at your home university to enroll.
  • Graduate courses are numbered 200 and above. You may enroll in graduate courses only if you receive the UC instructor’s permission. Some departments do not allow undergraduates to enroll in graduate courses. You must respect any restrictions that apply.
  • Independent study (190 series) is appropriate if you must complete a home university thesis or research project while at UC. You and the instructor determine the course structure and units earned under the guidelines of the host college or school.

Gather required information and documents

You will need to refer to and upload the following documents to complete these application sections. Prepare and save documents as .jpg, .png and .pdf files before you start the application.

  • Personal information page of your passport
  • English-language proficiency examination scores (if applicable)
  • Academic records
    • Transcripts and diplomas for each educational institution you attended after high school. If you have attended a university but did not complete your coursework and did not receive grades, provide an official letter from the university, verifying that you were registered but did not complete courses. Translations are required for academic records not in English.
      • British-style educational systems -  provide A-Level results 
      • French educational system - if applicable, provide preparatory course transcripts
  • Coursework-in-progress
    • Provide your coursework-in progress, if your transcripts do not list the courses in which you are currently enrolled.
  • Study plan worksheet with course information for each of your three UC campus choices
  • Major prerequisites checklist

Be prepared to provide the dates of attendance and location of each institution in your academic history.  Upload the corresponding transcripts and academic records for each institution. 

This is your opportunity to tell us something more about yourself that may not be obvious from your study plans and transcript.

Write about your interests and motivation to apply for the exchange, describe your academic experience, any personal or academic challenges, and what you hope to contribute as an exchange student at the University of California.

Prepare a statement of 250 words (up to 1500 characters).

Accept the student contract terms and submit your application. You will receive a confirmation email at the email address associated with your account.

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  • Use Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge browser.
  • Clear your browser cache.
  • Save frequently.
  • If you have attempted to reset your password and did not receive the reset email, confirm that you are checking the email account you used to create your UCEAP account, and check your spam/junk folder for the reset email.

If you continue to experience technical difficulties, contact the Reciprocity Help Desk and provide screenshots of the problem and error messages you receive.