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1332 Murphy Hall
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Visa and Immigration Information

Dashew Center for International Students and Scholars (DCISS)
106 Tom Bradley Int'l Hall
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  • Housing is not guaranteed.
  • Rental agreement last through the end of the academic year (June). If you leave your housing before the end of the agreement, you may be subject to a cancellation fee. Check all terms and conditions.
  • If you apply for more than one housing option, accept only one. You will be financially responsible for all agreements you accept. 

University Residence Halls and Apartments (UC Housing)


Explore Residential Communities
FAQ and Questions
Apply to Campus Housing
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Application Deadline

  • Fall: June 1
  • Winter: Apply as soon as you receive your UCLA student ID number.

Notes: Students admitted as undergraduate students, select "transfer-level" housing. Consider giving priority to apartment living when ranking your choices.  Few singles are available.  

Student Cooperative Housing (UC Affiliated Housing)


University Cooperative Housing Association (UCHA)
Explore the UCHA
Contact UCHA

Application Deadline: No deadline but early application is encouraged. You will be added to the waitlist and placed as space becomes available.

Notes: Identify yourself as a UCEAP Reciprocity student to benefit from priority status on the placement waitlist.

Community Housing (Non-UC Housing)


Explore Dashew Housing Resources

California Housing Board

Visit the Board


We strongly urge you to purchase airline tickets AFTER you have obtained your visa and confirmed travel conditions to the US from your home country.  When you do purchase a ticket, purchase a refundable/changeable ticket.

When should I arrive?

No later than

  • Fall: late-September 2020 (not applicable)
  • Winter: early-January 2021 (date to be announced)

No earlier than

  • Fall: August 29, 2020 (not applicable)
  • Winter: December 5, 2021

You may arrive no more than 30 days prior to the start date printed on your visa certificate of eligibility (DS-2019). 

Start Date on Certificate of Eligibility (DS-2019)

  • Fall: September 28, 2020
  • Winter: January 4, 2021

Dashew Center for International Students and Scholars (DCISS) and International Education Office (IEO)


Registration Information: (not required for students not entering the US)
Fall: late September 2020 (date to be announced)
Winter: early-January 2021 (date to be announced)

Fee: $59 will be billed to your UCLA account (does not apply until iStart orientation program occurs).

DCISS Visa Check-in

Complete on-line check-in by the end of week two of the term. (not required for students not entering the US)

Housing Move-In Dates

Campus Housing Move-In Dates: Dates vary with housing assignment.
Residents will receive an email directing them to access the Move-In Reservation System.

Co-Op Move-In Dates

Temporary Accommodation (Non-UC Housing)

Ground Transport to Campus

Enrollment Resources

About ID Numbers at UC Los Angeles

Students must have their UCLA Logon ID and password to enroll in MyUCLA.

Registering for Classes

Undergraduate Students

Enrolling in Classes

Enrollment Period

  • Space in class fills quickly so be prepared to enroll as soon as your pass time begins.
  • Enrollment appointments are located under the CLASSES tab. Select Enrollments, then select Enrollment Appointment

If the MyUCLA enrollment system indicates that a code/permission to enroll is required:

Advising pages for:

Graduate Students

Graduate students usually register after consultation with the department’s graduate advisor. Check with your host department for registration advising.

Student Account

Check your account regularly  to pay your fees and avoid late fees.  

  • International Student Orientation fee: $59 will be billed to your UCLA account (does not apply until iStart orientation program occurs).
  • Registrar's Document fee: $50 one-time fee (subject to change) that provides lifetime access to official transcripts and academic verifications. In addition students are no longer charged for incomplete grade removals.  
  • Health Insurance Fees: Fees will be billed to your account each quarter. See Health Insurance and Services information.

2020-2021 costs and information are listed below.

Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP)

You will automatically be enrolled in your host university health insurance plan. No action is required.

Insurance Information

  • Undergraduates: $868.57 each quarter
  • Graduates: $1,485.99 each quarter
Payment Deadlines
  • Fall: September 20, 2020
  • Winter: December 20, 2020
  • Spring: March 20, 2021
Effective Dates
  • Fall: September 28, 2020 - January 3, 2021
  • Winter: January 4 - March 23, 2021
  • Spring*: March 24 - September 19, 2021

* If you are a registered student during spring quarter or semester, your spring SHIP fee provides coverage through the end of summer.

Immunization and TB Screening

Health requirements and recommendations - Upload of documentation is not required for exchange students. 
Complete the requirement prior to arrival at UC or through campus health services.

View fees for immunization services.

Waiving SHIP

To waive SHIP, you must apply for waiver by submitting documentation of comparable health insurance. Waiver must be approved by your host UC.

Waiver Deadlines
  • Fall:  September 20, 2020
  • Winter: December 20, 2020
  • Spring:  March 20, 2021